Let’s rock the vote this year for AU proposals! Freak


Let’s rock the vote this year for AU proposals!

Posted: May 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

Autodesk University has opened up voting for proposals at AU
this year: voting ends June 16th.  It’s time to take
control of our choices! This year I’ve been thinking about
BIM and tools we need to help it succeed. Please take a
minute to voice your opinion of class descriptions to
Autodesk so we can make AU better than ever with our choices.

Login to Proposal Voting AU
Las Vegas
to vote for classes you want to take. While you
are there, be sure to check out my 2 submissions:

  1. BIM workflow: Developing strategies that spark
    great design in today’s market
    : How can
    designers use BIM tools to develop design when the owner
    wants the project delivered faster and cheaper? I will
    review ways architecture offices can design and implement a
    workflow that encourages creativity at the early phases of
    design while streamlining the documentation phase.


  1. When BIM isn’t in the contract: collaborating
    with reluctant consultants
    : How can
    architecture firms encourage consultants to get the best
    use out of BIM software? I will discuss strategies that
    have helped me to successfully collaborate with a
    consultant that uses Revit as a 2D drafting tool.