Lightning Fast VR Parkour Is A Must Play


Ever since the console wars of the 1990s video game fans have
been obsessed with how things look.

For decades now gamers have been captivated by concepts like 8
bit, 16 bit,  HD, 4K,  “Mode 7,” or even the infamous
“blast processing” that makes the Sega Genesis so
obviously superior to any other console. Today, games look
better than they ever have but along the way we may have
forgotten about one very important part of what it takes
to create a truly amazing gaming experience: fun.

At some point the question became how many hairs we could count
on our character’s knuckle rather than how fun it was to
use those knuckles to obliterate the bad guys. At the end of
the day, all that should really matter is how enjoyable a
game is and Electric Hat Games new
VR platform To The Top is proof.

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