The Architect’s Desktop: AutoCAD® 2018 Users Alert


If you have AutoCAD® 2018 or any vertical
built on AutoCAD 2018 installed AND you installed the 2018.0.1
update during the short period of time that was available BUT
have not yet installed the 2018.0.2 update, please do so
immediately. The 2081.0.1 update included code from the
pre-release Beta version that will cause the license to time out
on June 1, 2017. Installing the 2018.0.2 update will remedy this
situation. If you do not act, you will not be able to run AutoCAD
2018 on June 1.

How Can I Tell if I Have the 2018.0.1 Update

At the command line, type ABOUT and then press the ENTER

  • For AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT®, look at
    the Product Version line (the only one there).
  • For vertical products, such as
    AutoCAD® Architecture, pictured above,
    look at the Built on line.

If you see

  • O.49.0.0: You have the shipping
    version installed, without any updates. You are NOT impacted
    by the license timeout issue, however, it is recommended that
    you install the 2018.0.2 update to take advantage of the
    fixes contained therein.
  • O.61.0.0: You have the 2018.0.1
    update installed, and you WILL BE AFFECTED by the license
    timeout. You do NOT need to uninstall anything, simply
    install the 2018.0.2 update. See the Autodesk Knowledge
    Network article link below for more information on the
    2018.0.2 update.
  • O.72.0.0: You already have the
    2018.0.2 update installed. You are NOT impacted by the
    license timeout issue and need do nothing further with regard
    to this.

The number of people who installed the 2018.0.1 update who have
not already installed the 2018.0.2 update is expected to be
small, but you do not want to be “that guy.” Take a few moments
to check your version now, and, if it is, install (or
have whomever is in charge of updates install) the 2018.0.2
update now, and make June 1 just another Thursday.

This Autodesk Knowledge Network article
gives an overview
of what the update includes. If you never installed the
2018.0.1 update, no worries, the 2018.0.2 update includes those
fixes, too. There are links at the bottom of the article to the
full README for the updates, if you are interested in all of
the details.

Read more about the 2018.0.1 Update issue in
this article in the AutoCAD…

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