VR Company’s Raising A Rukus Now Available on Gear, in IMAX Centers


Last month we wrote up impressions of Raising A Rukus, a
family-oriented animated VR film from the Virtual Reality
Company. From today, Gear VR owners can get a taste of the
experience for themselves.

Raising A Rukus follows two twins on their birthday that go on
a fantastical adventure with their dog, Rukus. It’s intended to
be the first installment in a series, bringing its characters
to life in VR. You can seemlessly make choices within the story
that will effect that happens next. We thought this element was
so well done we barely realised we were making choices. Check
out a trailer for the experience below.

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Discover the unimaginable adventure that is Raising A
Rukus! Coming soon to a VR platform near you!

Posted by The Virtual
Reality Company
on Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Today, the experience launches on Gear VR. If you don’t have a
headset, though, you can head to IMAX’s pilot VR center in Los
Angeles to watch the first episode. It’s the first experience
of its kind to be available at the center.

Raising A Rukus costs $3.99 on Gear VR.