Epic Games Distributes Grants To VR Devs Including Robo Recall Mod Team


During a week where Unity gained a $400 million influx of
investment capital, it’s chief rival Epic Games is working to
spend $5 million of its own money to facilitate game
development for the Unreal Engine.

Like Unity, Unreal is a game creation platform that provides
both aspiring creators and large, established teams with the
tools they need to make digital films, games, assets etc.
without having to build everything from the ground up.

Earlier this year, Epic announced that it would be dolling out
$5 million total in grants to up and coming Unreal devs. This
week, the company is
 its latest round of recipients which
features six VR teams. In total 16 grants are being
awarded this time around for a total of $275,000 in

The VR teams being awarded are:

Albino Lullaby from
Ape Law
– A horror adventure game that doesn’t rely
on jump scares or gore, Albino Lullaby Episode 1 saw the
launch of the series, and Episode 2 is
coming this year from developer Ape Law. The interactive
environment twists and contorts around in real time as
players navigate the game’s twisted narrative.

Raiders of
from Cooperative Innovations
– Raiders of
Erda provides players with an intense VR RPG experience.
Announced  earlier this year, the game features a
complex combat…

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