Revit Add-Ons: Punch Version 1.0.1


From the Autodesk App Store:

About This Version

Version 1.0.1, 5/26/2017

  • Multiple Screens support, 
  • improved Cloud Drawing, Zoom in/out and Wheel in/out, 
  • Drop Shadow option, 
  • Titleblock Transparency, 
  • Background Layer can be moved.


“Punch” is a drawing tool that can be used for editing an
Autodesk® Revit® screen capture and save the image as a pdf,
jpeg or png format.

Create a screen capture of a project or family
and annotate the image with the help of drawing tools. Draw,
crop, resize, create layers, add a titleblock with project
information and more.

“Punch” is fast, straightforward and really easy to use. This
tool is ideal for coordination, archiving or personal work.

Tools description:

  • Color: To change color click on the square and choose a new
  • Opacity: Change color opacity with the trackbar.
  • Brush: Use the brush to quickly add a note on the screen
  • Arrows: Easily add arrows with the right size and color.
  • Eraser: Erase what is drawn on added layers.
  • Rectangle: Draw rectangle from upper left to bottom right.
  • Ellipse: Add ellipses or circles.
  • Cloud: Add preformatted clouds using upper left to bottom
  • Text: Click on the screen, enter the text in the box and
    click enter to add text on the screen…

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