See Little Luke Skywalker Adorably Created With Oculus Quill


It’s been a little while but welcome back to our weekly virtual
reality art roundup. This is a place where we highlight
the most impressive VR artistry we’ve come across from creators
in Tilt Brush, Quill, Medium and more.

This week we’ve got some real treats for you that include an
adorable future Jedi Master and everybody’s favorite ninja (or
least favorite depending on whether or not you main Bastion).

Genji – By: VR Human (Tilt Brush)

Young Luke – By: Joe Daniels (Quill)

The King’s Escort – By: Nicketheladd (Quill)

City of The Future – By: Topher Sipes (Tilt Brush)

Are you a VR artist? Have you seen something amazing made using
this tech? Reach out on Twitter @UploadVR and let us know for
next week!

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