‘Throttle Powah’ is a Crazy VR Racer That Gives You Motorbikes for Arms – Road to VR


Early in development, Throttle Powah is a promising
looking multiplayer racer with a VR locomotion mechanic which
seems entirely unique and more than a little insane.

It’s refreshing to watch the still young virtual reality
development community flourish, not least thanks to creators
that are willing to throw caution to the wind and create things
we’ve never seen before. Thanks to VR motion controllers, we’re
seeing innovative ways to move around synthetic worlds on an
almost weekly basis. but there’s been none recently that have
made me smile more than Throttle Powah.

The game’s at an extremely early stage in development, but it’s
core mechanic is in place. In short, your in-game avatar
possesses two powered unicycles for arms and its with these you
speed your way around the physics defying ‘tracks’. Tilt your
virtual arms to steer and launch yourself into the air by
lowering your arms and perhaps add a little sideways flick to
freestyle some stunts while you’re at it.

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