Star Trek: Bridge Crew Review VR


In front of me to my left sits Tal Blevins, Editor-in-Chief
of UploadVR. But in this moment he isn’t my boss; he’s my
subordinate. Currently he’s my acting Helmsman aboard the
U.S.S. Aegis and is in charge of steering our ship through
deep, dark space. Then I’ve got Ian Hamilton, Senior Editor,
taking over duties as the ship’s Tactical Officer to the right
— he’s in charge of phasers and torpedoes. Off to the far right
at the Engineer’s station is Joe Durbin, Staff Writer
at UploadVR, allotting power to various systems, repairing
damaged sectors, and handling transports. I’m perched atop the
Captain’s chair, barking orders and mashing the Red Alert
button anytime someone oversteps their bounds. It’s a thankless
job, but someone’s got to do it and that’s what Star Trek:
Bridge Crew is really all about.

After what felt like years of waiting (despite the game only
being announced less than a year ago) we are now officially at
launch week for Star Trek: Bridge Crew from Ubisoft and Red
Storm Entertainment, one of the most impatiently anticipated VR
games yet.

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