We Chat With Brandon Loehr of CAD Intentions


When Brandon Loehr popped up on our radar, we knew we had to
talk to him. As the owner and editor of
CADIntentions.com, a CAD review and
tutorial site, and a full-time civil engineering designer at
Golder Associates, this British Columbia native knows the ins
and outs of AutoCAD, and we are proud to have included him on
our 35 Under 35 young
designers list
. We wanted to get the story behind CAD
Intentions, so we were thrilled when Brandon accepted our
invitation to chat. Here’s what we found out:

How did you get involved with AutoCAD?

I was in high school actually. AutoCAD was offered as an option
for an elective class. I think we started with version 14 and
then we kind of quickly moved to 2000 after that. I took it
every year and then went to university for Engineering Design
and Drafting Technology. But yeah, I’ve been using it since

What do you use it for in your day job?

I mostly use Civil 3D, but still quite a bit of basic AutoCAD
for 2D as well. I develop design drawings and site plans for
Civil projects at my day job; a lot of it consists of surface
modeling, corridors, mine works, landfills, and stream
redesign. That’s kind of my specialty at the company I work
for. We use AutoCAD 2016, but a pretty heavily customized

How is it customized?

At work, I have multiple custom ribbon tabs, palettes, tool
bars, and probably 50 different kind of LISPs that we use, or
.NET routines. It’s usually for custom blocks or organizing
layers as well as just little things like locking and unlocking
all the viewports in a drawing. We have little custom LISP
setups for that. These are company-wide customizations. We have
a team that manages our deployments and the custom code behind

CAD Intentions: One of Brandon's Tutorials

What do you think are the best benefits of
customization in a work environment?

I think it’s a combination of just speed of producing drawings
and designs, automating a lot of repetitive tasks, as well as
keeping a standardization between all of the offices. The
company I work for has over one hundred offices, and it can be
tough to keep drawings looking alike, so using a lot of
customization helps to do that by keeping everything standard.

Moving to the CAD Intentions side of things, how do you
decide what to…

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