Worldpay Demos System for Making Payments Inside Virtual Worlds


With virtual reality (VR) seemingly infiltrating every facet of
our lives, from
movie theaters
theme parks
TV broadcasting
internet searches
, it’s only a matter of time before
companies figure out how to make it easy for people to pay for
things while immersed in their virtual worlds. And this is
exactly what Worldpay
is currently investigating.

The payments processing giant has developed a proof of concept
that demonstrates how shoppers could pay for things using their
bank card while inside a VR environment.

The prototype setup adopts Host Card Emulation (HCE) —
virtual representation technology that’s similar to what’s used
in mobile payments services such as Android Pay — to recreate a
real-world payment experience inside a VR application.

Using EMV,
an authentication technical standard for payment
cards, Worldpay’s prototype works in pretty much the same
way as any other contactless payment mechanism. The shopper
taps a virtual card across a virtual card machine for
purchases amounting to less than £30 ($39), and for amounts
more than that Worldpay has created a new technology it calls
AirPIN, which allows users to enter their PIN number
through a virtual keypad.

Above: WorldPay: AirPIN

This isn’t the first time a payments company has dabbled in the
world of…

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