Bridge Crew Launch Trailer Is All About The Co-Op


Star Trek: Bridge Crew is now officially released on
PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. The game features
fully cross-platform multiplayer across all platforms and lets
up to four people (or three, or two, or just one) take control
of a starship that feels and looks ripped right out of the TV
show and movies the game is based on. It’s entirely playable
alone, but the game really shines when you get a full crew of
friends (or strangers) going.

Between the campaign, ongoing voyages mode of randomized
missions, and two completely different bridges to try out,
there is plenty to do. The Captain, Tactical, Helm, and
Engineer roles all play very differently and add up to
facilitating one of the most immersive, collaborative, and
intense cooperative multiplayer VR games we’ve seen to date.
The launch trailer focuses specifically on that aspect, as

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