LEGO Architecture meets BIM – Part 24: Mobile Part 2 Bryan BIM



In the last post we looked at how the LEGO Architecture meets
BIM project could be shared with GRAPHISOFT BIMx. As I said in
that post I love BIMx as a mobile application, however it is
largely restricted to GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD users. The
application of BIM requires many different stakeholders to come
together. This change to a more collaborative culture needs to
have as few barriers as possible so as an industry we must
ensure that technology does not divide us further. So without
going into a whole host of reasons, we need open solutions
to share our information as easily as possible.

Like many of these posts the aim of this project is to show
that openBIM (i.e. IFC, BCF and COBie) are at the heart of a
collaborative project that offers multiple uses of information
to as many stakeholders as possible. So in this post we look at
how our models can be shared using an openBIM methodology (e.g.
using IFC (Industry Foundation Classes).

For this post we deliberately chose a solution that was
not in the Nemetschek portfolio (i.e GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD and
GRAPHISOFT BIMx are part of the Nemetschek brand) and selected
instead an Autodesk product to demonstrate how an IFC model can
be shared on mobile devices – Autodesk A360.

Note: A360 also works as a web application on desktop

Autodesk A360 App

The process for using this App requires creating an account and
transferring the files into the software. Once this has been
done we can simply open the application on our mobile device.

Image: The Autodesk A360 opening screen

The application automatically takes you to the files you have
added. Here we can see our LEGO Architecture meets BIM project.

Image: Our LEGO Architecture meets BIM

We can select the ‘i’ symbol (bottom right of the file) to see
information about the file.

Image: Information about the file

If we tap on the file this then launches a default view of the
3D model, in this case from directly above.

Image: Default view of the 3D model

We can then navigate around the file using our finger (on a pen
with later devices).

Image: Rotating around the model in

We can also use…

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