Multiple wall types – best way to create options

Hey everyone – this is my first post… here goes…

I am creating a house type with several elevational treatment
options (brickwork, render, timber cladding etc etc).
Essentially, the house is exactly the same in footprint,
plumbing, wiring, internal layout etc, all that needs to change
is the “look” of the outside, plus the associated material take
off (bricks, render, blocks etc).

With Design Options, it appears that when selecting an object
to add to a set (i.e., the wall), EVERYTHING connected to that
wall must also be selected (lintels, windows, light switches,
sockets, radiators, pipework…. the list goes on). Does anyone
have any idea on a simpler way of doing this? The only way I
can achieve what I’m after at the moment, is to create my model
for type 1 (brick), then save-as, and create a whole new
project for type 2 (rendered blockwork), and 3 (timber
cladding) etc., leaving me with several models/projects to
manage, 95% of which are essentially identical.

Any help / thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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