Rubber-Band Lines and Off-Screen Selection: Tuesday Tips With Lynn | AutoCAD Blog


I’m just bouncing off the wall this week to tell you about two
small (but powerful!) AutoCAD graphics updates we’ve made in
AutoCAD 2018: Rubber-band line color options, and, yes, at long
last, off-screen selection. Let’s get right to it!

Rubber-Band Line Colors

Do you care about the color of the rubber-band line that
stretches dynamically within the drawing area when you’re
moving or copying objects?

AutoCAD Graphics Updates: Rubber-Band Line Color

Well, I care, which is why I’m excited that you can
now modify it from the Drawing Windows Colors dialog (Options
> Display > Colors button).

AutoCAD Graphics Updates: Rubber-Band Line Color

If only real-life rubber bands were as lovely!

Off-Screen Selection

Have you ever wanted to start a selection window in one part of
your drawing–and then pan and/or zoom to another part of your
drawing while maintaining the selection set? Actually, I
already know the answer to that, so here’s the good news: Your
wish has been granted!

AutoCAD Graphics Updates: Off-Screen Selection

Adding this functionality is easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy: Just
set the SELECTIONOFFSCREEN system variable to 1, and you’re
good to go!

More Tuesday Tips

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on grid limits, and don’t forget to check out the
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