Automatically Thaw All Layers Changing From Tilemode 1 To 0

When I am on the Model Tab (Tilemode 1) & am using a current
named layer state with some of the layers frozen, upon clicking
on one of my layout tabs (change back to Tilemode 0), I would
like a lisp routine to automatically thaw all layers (Command is
LAYTHW), so my layers are frozen or thawed per viewport the way I
set them up per viewport on each layout tab.

Otherwise, I have to remember to manually use LAYTHW once I am
back on a layout tab. If I don’t, some of my layers are
globally frozen in all viewports. This can be a major headache
if I forget to do this prior to plotting to a multi-page pdf
file (1 layout tab per single page in the multi-page pdf file),
because some of the layers on some of the layouts will be
un-intentionally frozen.


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