Datalinks Extremely slow in Excel 2016

Hi all,

I have a worksheet we’ve been using for years in Excel with
lots of Datalinks to an AutoCAD dwg.

About 6 months ago IT moved us all to Excel 2016 and ever since
the Datalink update process has been abysmal.

Upwards of 80% of the time, AutoCAD crashes trying to do the
update (with the previous version of Excel, it was 0%).

If you click and update each table manually, it generally does
work, but the update all option has a very low success rate.

I’m pretty good with VBA, so I was thinking of maybe
programmatically looping through the datalinks with a little
pause in-between each update to hopefully allow the 190+ links
to update without crashing AutoCAD.

I’ve started fumbling around with
ThisDrawing.Database.Dictionaries and “ACAD_DATALINK” but got
stuck trying to look inside the dictionary..

Any help would be great.


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