Maximizing the Benefits of Favorites in ARCHICAD Engine by ARCHICAD


Favorites received a much needed overhaul in ARCHICAD 20. Let’s
examine the current state of Favorites and then look ahead to
ARCHICAD 21 enhancements that will further supercharge

Accessing Favorites

The three primary ways to access Favorites are via the
Favorites Palette, the arrow button next to the Tool icon in
the Info Box, or from the Favorites star icon at the top left
corner of the settings dialog box of the opened Tool/element. I
recommend you create a keyboard shortcut for the Favorites
Palette as there is no default KBS. I use (shift+~) for my
Favorites Palette keyboard shortcut and think that’s what you
should use too. The required hand gesture is easy to make and
your left hand should be resting near that side of the keyboard
anyways. The KBS both opens and closes the palette making it
very easy to open the palette, do what you need to do, and then
close it before continuing your work. Since ARCHICAD remembers
where a closed palette last resided, I position the Favorites
Palette next to my Info Box so that both the Info Box Favorites
flyout and the Favorites Palette show up in roughly the same
spot. In my ARCHICAD 19 Work Environment, I used to dock the
Favorites Palette below the Info Box on the left side of my
screen. Now with the fly out from the Info Box, I keep the
Favorites Palette hidden unless it’s needed, maximizing the

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