Nearly Every Rift Owner Has Bought Touch Says Oculus


Since launching in December 2016 the Oculus Touch controllers
have become an essential peripheral for any new Rift owner, and
Oculus’ latest data proves that.

According to developer relations boss Paul Jastrzebski, nearly
everyone who has bought a Rift since the price drop in March
has purchased a pair of Touch controllers to go along with it.
“We’re seeing very, very high attach rates,” he said at last
week’s Digital Dragons event, as reported by Destructoid. “That’s partly why we wanted
to drop the price point. We realise that at $200, it was still
a little high for it. So we drop the price to $99 and I think
we’ve found a very close 1:1. Close to that.”

It wasn’t made clear what Touch’s attach rate for existing Rift
owners was.

Oculus dropped the price of both Touch and the Rift at GDC 2017
back at the beginning of March, bringing the total of both to
$598. That’s just under the price of the Rift itself when it
first launched, and increases the gap between the headset and
its main rival, the HTC Vive, which is available for $799 and
includes two controllers and two sensors for room scale
tracking. Rift and Touch also includes two sensors but a third
is recommended for room scale.

Though there are still plenty of experiences that support the
traditional Xbox gamepad that comes with the Rift, many of the
platform’s biggest…

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