New Updates For AutoCAD 2017 For Mac And AutoCAD LT 2017 For Mac From Autodesk

Autodesk has made a significant update to the AutoCAD
for Mac product line, which comprise AutoCAD 2017 for Mac and
AutoCAD LT 2017 for Mac.

New Touch Bar Support: Touch Bar support for the latest
and popular MacBook Pro laptops is included in version
AutoCAD 2017.1.

There are three major updates in AutoCAD version 2017.1
which contain the Touch Bar support, user interface
improvements and migrating settings functionality.

With Touch Bar support options, the users can get
access to turn on and off items like the grid, snaps, object
snap tracking, as well as the command line window. It is a
very light-handed approach.

The new Autodesk support for the MacBook Pro’s new
Touch Bar comprises of default support for 10 functions which
can be pulled as a set to the Touch Bar interface. The users
will be able to modify this arrangement by inserting from a
list of approximately half a dozen other controls to
substitute in. There are various features like ISO plane,
Object Snap Tracking, Grid On/Off, Dynamic UCS, Snap Mode,
and Command Window for adjusting the Touch Bar while
operating AutoCAD 2017.1 for Mac or the LT version on a
MacBook Pro.

There are other significant UX/UI features like the new
abilities to dock and undock the Layers palette and the
Properties inspector. This will provide huge benefits to the
users who are applying AutoCAD for Mac on two monitors and
apply them in a way where the drawing window is arranged on
one screen and the palettes on another.

Another significant feature is the improvement to the
settings dialog. Now the Users will be able to pass their
custom settings to future updates and no longer lose these
upon doing so.

With great customization skills, the users…

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