Super Mario On HoloLens Is The New Coolest Thing In Mixed Reality


Another week, another legendary gaming IP brought into the real
world with mixed reality. This time it’s from arguably the most
recognisable videogame IP on the planet; Super Mario running on
Microsoft’s HoloLens.

VR and MR engineer Niu recently posted a look at this
experimental project, which is of course entirely unofficial,
on Twitter. A short clip shows Mario as he first appeared in
Super Mario Bros on the NES in 1985. Instead of parading
through the Mushroom Kingdom, though, the Italian plumber is
now in our world.

Using HoloLens’ depth sensing Mario traverses a bedroom,
jumping over tables and surfaces, occasionally falling to the
floor. He doesn’t just walk from side to side, either; he’s
fully capable of accessing the full depth of the room. Though
not without bugs, it looks startlingly accurate; at one point
in a subway he even falls through the crack between the train
and the platform.

Sadly you’re not likely to ever get to play this take on
Nintendo’s beloved character. Nintendo itself has been fairly
non-comital about VR, let alone MR and we doubted he’d ever see
the company release something for Microsoft’s HoloLens.

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