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AUGIWorld June 2017

Okay, so you’ve licensed new software. Now what? Decisions
await you, not the least of which is how to handle training,
how best to roll out the new release, how to make sure the
users are using the new software efficiently, and many others.

In the June 2017 issue of AUGIWorld, our authors
help you manage implementation, among other things. These
“other things” include managing your software licenses.

In Philip Russo’s article, “Protecting Your Software
you’ll pick up some good advice for
managing your licenses and users.

And Jay Zallan provides insight into using a custom keynote
database in his article, “Addressing Keynotes (in
Addition to the CSI Kind).”

Read on to ease your implementation headaches.

The Tech Manager’s Time Crunch — Mark Kiker
offers some timely advice for, well, managing your time.
Follow these guidelines to help you stay on top of the
multiple tasks that face you each day.

Managing Styles — Melinda Heavrin steps you
through the Style Manager in AutoCAD Architecture 2018.
You’ll learn how to create styles, work with drawings and
templates, sort styles, and more.

Implementation of Arion Renderer — Brian
Chapman demonstrates the benefits 3ds Max users can enjoy
with the use of the Arion Renderer.

Tech Insights — In “HP ZBook Family
Generation 4 — Power on the Go,” Robert Green introduces HP’s
line of powerful, secure solutions that meet Autodesk
software requirements.

Implementation: Change Is Coming — Phillip
Lynch helps you navigate the minefield called standards
implementation with some advice on dealing with users,
getting buy-in from management, and other critical

Also in this issue…

Plentiful Plug-Ins — Dat Lien and Xavier
Loayza team up to bring you a nice collection of plug-ins for
AutoCAD 2018, right out of the Autodesk App Store.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents a
trio of Autodesk and related software products on the market.
This month: Copy Worksets from Files 2017, for Revit; the
Model Health Checker, which scans your Revit project files
and reports on problems that are impacting…

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