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The celebration continues! The first ten members of our
AutoCAD 35 Under 35
young designers list
are now joined by five more standouts,
including an engineer focused on sustainability, an advocate
for women in STEM, the lead on a massive oil terminal rebuild
project, an industrial designer, and the world’s first
ever chefitect. Meet them below.

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The June Five

AutoCAD 35 Under 35: Lillian LinLillian Lin, 25, chefitect and
founder of,
architect at Arquitectonica (USA)

As a student in architecture at the University of Southern
California, Lillian began cooking and baking to ease the stress
of the competitive course of study, seeing parallels between
the precision required in the classroom and in the kitchen.
After moving to Tokyo one week after graduation—and struggling
with mistranslated Japanese—she wanted to create recipes that
could be universally and easily understood. Now, she draws
precise, constructive, step-by-step diagrams in AutoCAD on her
site, The Chef Charette.

AutoCAD 35 Under 35: Lewis Parkins

Lewis Parkins,
30, drawing office team leader at British Pipeline Agency, Ltd. (UK)

Initially self-taught in AutoCAD, Lewis went from 2D drafting
as a CAD Operator to 3D modeling as a CAD Designer in three
years. In his time at BPA, he’s done modeling work for the
Ministry of Defence in the Falkland Islands, London Heathrow
(one of the world’s busiest airports), and is now BPA’s team
lead for the Buncefield Oil Terminal project: a complete
rebuild of the 65,000 sq. meter fire-devastated oil terminal
which was the site of “the UK’s biggest peacetime
.” This massive undertaking
requires cross-referencing laser scans and point clouds of
more than 20 sites for complete modeling in AutoCAD Plant 3D.

AutoCAD 35 Under 35: Mina Dezz aka IronRingGirls

Mina Dezz (aka
, 25, civil engineer and founder of
IronRingGirls (Canada)

Growing up, Mina was always more obsessed with Barbie’s house
than with Barbie herself. When she went to college, she turned
this obsession into a career, graduating with a degree in Civil
Engineering, earning her Iron Ring, and subsequently starting
a business (IronRingGirls) building custom homes in the
Toronto, Canada area. As part of her business, she uses AutoCAD
for designing and editing…

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