2017 Mitred Curtain Wall panels

From a building standpoint, you’re not going to miter stud layers
or Drywall. Glass you’re not really going to miter either, you’r
going to use a corner mullion, which is also very lacking in my
mind. On basic walls I can usually get most of them to join
correctly depending on the angle and or curve. But joining gyp on
a wall to a ceiling and getting the stud layers to connect and
the gyp to wrap is horrible. Only way to do it is create parts
and start pushing and pulling.

The thing I dislike with Revit that seems to be missing is how
these joins work. In ACA you had the ability to set priority of
material to choose which material would cut and which would
join and how it would wrap at openings. Some days I wish Revit
had that feature. Frankly I liked the way walls worked in ACA.
I think you had better options.

I think for getting things to join correctly on but joints you
need to have the same material and pick on the “Wraps” check

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