Project Fractal 5.22.2017 Update – Features Three New Option Generation Methods


From the Project Fractal website.


Update parallel coordinates display to be faster.

3 new methods of option generation added in addition to the
existing Cross Product method: Random, Like This, and Combine

Fractal Design Option Generation Methods

Cross Product (default)

  1. Generate divides the input slider range (set by the max and
    min on publish from Dynamo) by the set number of variations
  2. Generate creates all possible combinations of inputs with
    the  “vary” checkbox selected, using non-varying inputs as
  3. Calculated stop values are rounded down to the closest,
    smaller step value
  4. The maximum slider value will always be used for a stop,
    regardless of if it is a valid step value
  5. The calculated number of designs indicates the number of
    designs that can be created. This number does NOT account for
    existing designs.


  1. “Generate” uses a random value for each input slider within
    the min/max/step as published from Dynamo Studio
  2. Boolean Inputs: 50/50 random selection of true or false
  3. Only inputs that have the “vary” checkbox selected are
  4. Up to 10 designs can be created per “Generate” 
  5. Will not duplicate existing designs

Like This

  1. The number of inputs with the vary checkbox checked is

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