5 Stories to Help Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Business Transform to Digital

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Business Transform to Digital

Industry 4.0 is all about digitizing manufacturing operations,
capitalizing on big data, automating factories and
collaborating efficiently with suppliers through 3D design and
visualization tools. There are discussions growing all over
about how technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet
of Things (IoT) will take manufacturing sector further to the
next level.

But, when we look at the actual scenario, almost 90% of small
fabrication units still rely on 2D processes. While 2D is
important especially for sheet metal to perform number of
operations to give a final 3D shape, the fabrication industry
is losing big time in enhancing productivity through 3D and
preparing for upcoming technology changes. From keeping the
design communication efficient, reducing errors and material
scrap to design automation and effective sales, 3D CAD is the
way forward to remain competitive.

For a more detailed, holistic understanding on the
importance of 3D and how you, as a sheet metal fabricator can
migrate your 2D design processes to 3D, here are 5 interesting
stories that you must read:

Digital Manufacturing

To earn success in the digital manufacturing era, manufacturers
need to revamp their existing capabilities. It is important to
keep track of what’s happening in the market and staying in
sync with the trends to identify changes needed both in terms
of technology and processes as well as identify customer
demands and competitor strategies.

The second key is to transform the design development process
and replace the old 2D CAD systems to 3D to improve design
communication across the supply chain.

The third suggests the need to train the resources to keep them
updated with the latest trends and tools and eventually align
new processes efficiently for the manufacturing team.

The other two aspects talks about using virtual…

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