3D Mixed Reality at Microsoft House Interface


OK, so that was perhaps a little mad. Earlier today I spent 5
hours on the train – going from Neuchatel to Zurich and then on
the new SBB service via the Gotthard Base Tunnel – to get to Milan, had a
coffee with my uncle (who lives and works nearby), gave a
30-minute presentation on Forge and AR/VR at a Meetup, and then
spent 4.5 hours on more trains – this time going towards Geneva
on the EuroCity (formerly Cisalpino), and then changing at Brig to head via
Bern – to get home.

This was the main train there (an Italian train in a Swiss
station):Train from Zurich

And the main train back (a Swiss train in an Italian station):

Train from Milan

I fully knew what I signed up for when I bought the rail
ticket, so I really only have myself to blame: with this
weekend’s Autodesk Football Tournament and next week’s Forge
Accelerator (both held in Barcelona) – coming so soon before
our big family trip – I thought it made more
sense to take the travel hit than spend another night away.

But enough (completely half-hearted) griping. How was the
Meetup itself, you might ask?

Firstly, the venue was pretty awesome, as expected.

Microsoft House from the front

The crowd was a good size – I’m guessing it ended up being
about 50 or 60 attendees, by the time I came on (and quite
probably more afterwards).

Thomas Balouet talking about WebVR, someone from MS working in the Acer

I was very pleased to meet at least one person I’ve
had regular Twitter and LinkedIn contact with
, over the
last few years. I also found other “Through the Interface”
readers in the audience, which is always nice.

An unexpected surprise was having the chance to test the new
Windows Mixed Reality device from Acer:

Me trying the Acer VR experience

It was actually rather neat, and at a tenth of the current
price of the HoloLens it’s a pretty exciting device. For some
reason it reminds me of the View-Master Model D (the favourite
View-Master of any discerning collector), too.

I didn’t manage to snap any photos of my session (or ask anyone
else to, which would certainly have been simpler), but
thankfully social media has come to the rescue. If interested,
check Twitter for more.

I ended up speaking…

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