2016 Surface Comparison

Hi all,

I’m after a bit of help please with comparing two surfaces. I
need to try and show the differences between an existing
surface and our new surface. What I’ve currently got is two
topo’s, one from before our works began and one from after. I
would like to be able to overlay these in order to create a
model that shows all of the previous surface in grey and the
new surface where it ‘peaks’ above the existing in red if this
makes sense? This is to be able to show the landowner how much
the ground has changed since we have completed our works.

I’ve currently created multiple profile view to be able to see
both the existing and new ground levels across an alignment but
this is only across a particular line, not across the entire
area. Do I need to be looking into something along the lines of
volume calculations to be able to create this?

Any help would be great thanks

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