Throwback Thursday Autodesk Mugs


Back in the day Autodesk
used to be fond of giving coffee mugs to people. I will never
remember my first coffee mug as an Autodesk customer and beta
tester in 1995. It was a black shiny mug with the Autodesk
calipers logo and text in gold flake. A couple years back a
fellow Autodesker gave me a much older Autodesk coffee mug for
the collection. You can see the mug in the second photo sitting
on an unopened early 90’s era AutoCAD Simulator product.

Old Autodesk Coffee Mug
Old Autodesk Coffee Mug and AutoCAD Simulator Product

Meeting photo I took when Jonathan Knowles and myself surprised Carl Bass with Storm Troopers at Autodesk University 2015Speaking of mugs and Autodesk History. One of the
more contemporary pieces in my Autodesk history collection was
just added. Autodesk CEO and Chief Maker Carl Bass recently
retired from Autodesk after evolving the company, products, and
culture. He made a very big impact on Autodesk history and I
felt it important to keep something that represented of that
time period.

With Carl’s permission, I got his San Francisco office cube
nameplate. Carl sat with all the employees in a cube desk
Carl Bass former Autodesk CEO cubicle nameplate

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