Aspiring BIM manager/consultant looking for pointers


Quick introduction: I am currently working for a big
construction firm on a project installing fiber-optic cables
for an internet provider. At the moment I am a measly street
surveyor doing basic scrub-work. I have studied architecture
for 3 years but did not get my degree due to “circumstances”, I
am 26 yrs old. After working in this company for a short while
and seeing the problems they are faced with, I see an
opportunity: what they need is a way to synchronize the various
data files, deadlines/planning, issues, CAD-plans etc. for all
the “players”, both in the office and on the field.

Sounds to me like they could use some BIM-management (tools). I
did a quick google and for the current problems facing our
project Autocad 360 (docs) looks like the right fit.

Here’s the problem: with my limited experience with
CAD-programs, the current project, or general management, I am
afraid to step up to my bosses and tell them; “Hey, you’re
doing it all wrong, you need this and this tool and you should
do that and that in such a way.”

So here’s the question: How do I educate myself (in my spare
time) to get to a level where I could step up to my bosses
(yes, plural ) with confidence
and concrete solutions?

I am sorry if this is not the right sub-forum; please direct me
in such case.

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