How healthy is Forge? – Through the Interface


Autodesk has maintained a health dashboard for its cloud products for
quite some time. The good news for Forge developers is that –
just  in time for next week’s Accelerator in Barcelona –
Forge has been added as a line item:

Health dashboard now including Forge

Given the internal response to the technical issues we
experienced during the last Accelerator I attended in Munich,
I’m pretty sure we’ll be green through the week in Barcelona.
Let’s hope so, anyway!

One great feature of the dashboard is the ability to subscribe
to notifications: once you’ve signed in you’ll have the option
to do so via the “Health Subscription” button.

Subscribing to notifications

On a personal note, I’m just about to leave for the airport to
fly to Barcelona for this weekend’s Autodesk Football
Tournament and next week’s Forge Accelerator (it’s great these
are in the same city – for once I’ll be able to hit two birds
with one stone :-).

My football kit is packed and ready:

Autodesk Neuchatel's latest football strip

I ended up choosing to have my Twitter handle on the back of my
shirt… this should make it easier for people to “follow” me
around the pitch (groan).

This is my last (I hope, anyway!) work-related trip before my
family and I depart on our big trip around the world. As part
of the preparations, my wife and kids have been working hard on
our family’s travel blog – I’ll post some links sometime next
week, I expect, to introduce my co-authors.

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