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Cannes NEXT, now in its second year,
displayed a variety of cutting-edge immersive

Last month, Cannes NEXT brought classic filmgoers
and distributors into contact with the best in 360° and
roomscale VR. Even the Duke of Luxembourg himself descended the
stairs of the Palais des Festivals for his first VR
experience: Arden’s Wake.

From nearly fifty experiences, here were the
standout pieces that illuminate the future of storytelling in

Arden’s Wake

Penrose Studios’ newest animation tells the
hauntingly beautiful story of Mina and her father, who live in
a floating shack above a post-apocalyptic, underwater San
Francisco. Scaled like a dollhouse to offer a persistent
complete view of the action, the story also affords
viewers the ability to bring their head “in” and “out” of the
house and water—immersing the viewer in a quasi-godlike and
elemental presence.

Penrose developed their own toolset to make
this kind of storytelling possible, notably the “Maestro
VR Collaborator.” At NEXT they hinted they might be releasing a
special toolset for Unreal programmers, so keep an eye out for
announcements later this year.


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