These Gloves Let You Play Piano in VR—and Feel It – VRScout


Combining three discrete technologies, researchers at
UC San Diego have created a glove that simulates real-life
force in virtual worlds.

Researchers at University of California-San Diego

a new lightweight glove that
can replicate the feeling of touch, using it to play piano.
(Just don’t expect
 the technology
to transform you into an overnight Liberace).

Designed with soft
, the gloves allow you to feel like you are
actually pushing a real object. Latex chambers covered with
braided fibers cover the glove and respond to movement by
opening or closing, replicating the pushback you would feel
from pressing a button or the keys to a piano.

Jurgen Schulze, a professor in computer science who teaches
courses on VR, and lead researcher on the project, explained
that current VR gloves that use vibration don’t

achieve the level of realism
he deems necessary
for true immersion in virtual worlds.

“You can’t touch anything, or feel resistance when you’re
pushing a button,” Schulze said in a
. “By contrast, we are trying to make the
user feel like they’re in the actual environment from a tactile
point of view.”

The exoskeleton on this prototype glove has three crucial
elements that allow it function: a Leap Motion that locate the
hands in space, a custom fluidic control…

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