Virtual Boys and Sci-fi Toys


Every week VR artists are making amazing new sculptures using
tools like Tilt Brush and Oculus Quill. These elaborate
artworks go beyond what’s possible in our world, often creating
entirely new ones. It would be a shame to let these go to
waste, so we’re highlighting four awesome new pieces featured
on 3D model site Sketchfab that we’ve come across recently.

This week we’ve got a fitting tribute to the Virtual Boy and
some amazing detailed new models.

Personal Space Transport VR, by James Robbins

We don’t see Gravity Sketch VR used a lot here and this vibrant
piece makes a great case for it. This sleek sci-fi engine looks
like a cross between Wipeout and something from Wacky Races,
and we can’t get enough of the bold visual style.

Virtual Boy, by eric3dee

Not the ill-fated Nintendo console and ancestor to the Oculus
Rift, but instead an actual virtual boy. To us this brilliant
Oculus Medium sculpt looks like a childhood well spent, though
maybe he’s actually in trouble? Who knows.

Oculus Medium Mech, by harryhirsch

Another rock solid example of what makes Medium one of the best
VR sculpting tools. This painfully detailed mech stands tall
and proud, displaying intricate machinery that wouldn’t look
out out place in a summer blockbuster.

Vicky, by Elizabeth Edwards

Liz Edwards returns with yet another…

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