2018 How long to build a usable model by a good Revit user?

I’ve recently joined a small practice who’ve been using solely
AutoCAD for a decade. My request to them was that we started
using Revit (which they have licences for) on all projects going
forward. They agreed so I’ve been learning Revit for the last few
months (25yrs on AutoCAD). I see all the benefits but I find it
cumbersome at times when creating the simplest of things and can
end up being a huge undertaking, at the moment at least.

As a small practice we’re trying to work out if it’s economic
long term to use Revit on all projects (including domestic)
once we’re all fully trained and up to speed on Revit or
whether sticking with AutoCAD would be better. We’re prepared
to take the financial hit in the short to medium term to allow
us all the time to get fluent with Revit but, as always, it
boils down to available fee and whether it will stretch far
enough to build and utilise a Revit model in the future by a
competent Revit user.

What I’d like to know is roughly how long it would take to
create a usable (accurate and useful) Revit model for a
particular example domestic project (I’ll post up the CAD file)
by someone who is well trained in Revit. I’d simply like an
idea of the number of days it would take to draw up the
measured survey to create the existing set then the proposed
set. Would just need a quick look at the file to say “I reckon
it would take X days to complete”. We can then compare this
against the time it took us to complete in AutoCAD.

Is there anyone who could help on this? Any help at all on this
would be very much appreciated.

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