‘DiRT 4’ Launch Lacks VR Support but Codemasters Hasn’t Ruled It Out Just Yet – Road to VR


Codemasters’ new entry into their long-running rally game
series launches this week for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Unlike its
predecessor DiRT Rally, DiRT 4 currently
features no VR support on PC or PSVR, but a future update is

Today, retail copies of DiRT 4 are available for
consoles in the US, while everyone else has to wait until June
9th. The title is the latest numbered entry in the series after
2011’s DiRT 3—a more accessible, ‘arcade’ offering
compared to the more recent, simulation-style DiRT
. DiRT 4 aims to appeal to fans of both
games, offering separate ‘gamer’ and ‘simulation’ handling
modes, while adding some innovative features, most notably
‘Your Stage’, a procedural rally stage generator.

Unfortunately, DiRT 4 is missing the great VR support
that eventually came to DiRT Rally on both PC and
PSVR after the initial launch. Asked during a
recent live stream from Codemasters HQ
, Chief Game Designer
Paul Coleman stated that “no decision has been made,” but
didn’t rule out the possibility of a VR update arriving at a
later date. At the game’s announcement in January, Codemasters
responded to a Road to VR enquiry about VR support,
saying “we will monitor how DiRT Rally performs on
PSVR and then make decisions from there”.

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