Microsoft Aims For A VR Sweet Spot In 2018


The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is in Los Angeles, CA
next week and it’s always one of the largest events of the year
for gamers, giving giants of the industry including Sony,
Microsoft, and Nintendo the chance to show off the latest
hardware and games to drive the next generation of consumer
interest. We’ll undoubtedly hear about some exciting things on
the way for those gaming platforms, but the picture is unclear
about just how significant AR and VR will figure into what gets
announced next week.

No clarity in what to expect for VR and AR isn’t because of a
lack of interest or investment. It is because the industry is
rapidly changing, and the main players are keeping their
biggest plans tightly under wraps. Immersive computing is
poised to change the way people see the world and interact with
each other. Gaming is likely to be the bridge to that change —
the content that offers a reason to buy it and helps put
immersive hardware in millions of homes. For many in 2016, the
hardware that delivers the most immersive experiences was too
expensive and the software too shallow for many to justify the
purchase just yet.

Things are changing though. Even if the AR and VR industry is
still in its infancy, it is about to hit a growth
spurt. The CEOs of reality creation tools Unity and Unreal
have perhaps the best insight anywhere into the state of the

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