Number Of VR/AR Exhibitors Increased 138% Since Last Year


According to official word on the Electronic Entertainment Expo
(E3) website
the show is from Tuesday, June 13th until
Thursday, June 15th, but that’s not really the case. Electronic
Arts (EA) has their press conference on Saturday, June 10th
(which is actually tomorrow) and plenty of other press
conferences and events happen the days before the show floor
itself actually opens. In this way E3 is really a week-long
affair and some companies have even started hosting events the
week before too. It feels like it starts earlier and earlier
every year.

And like usual the company that puts on E3 every year, the
Entertainment Software Association (ESA,) has issued their
“Essential Facts About The Compute and Video Game Industry”
that’s full of demographic information and sales
data. It also has a lot of information about this year’s
impending E3 as well.

The number that stood out the most to us when reading it
is just how prevalent the VR and AR markets appear to be at E3
this year. Reportedly there are 126 exhibitors
at this year’s show that are demoing and showing content
related to VR or AR, which is a dramatic 138%
from last year’s comparatively meager 53

There’s tons of interesting bits of information in
the report as well and it’s certainly worth a read. Some of the
other relevant highlights…

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