Two Heroes Spend 48 Hours In VR So You Don’t Have To – VRScout


A couple of brave VR enthusiasts ignore warnings and spend
nearly two days fully immersed.

No matter which virtual reality headset you choose, every
manufacturer will include the same universal warning for any
user: Do not wear your headset for an extended period of

It makes total sense after all. The weight the headsets
place on your face combined with a tiny screen strapped just
inches from your eyes results in an experience that could be
less than comfortable after prolonged use. Valve recommends
regular breaks when using the HTC Vive with Oculus goes as
far to suggest “at least a 10 to 15 minute break” for every
half hour spent inside the Rift.

Naturally all these warnings and rules have tempted bold
VR enthusiasts to defy instructions and spend a
highly-unrecommended amount of time in virtual reality.
However, two individuals in particular threw all caution to the
wind to spend an absolutely ridiculous 48 hours fully immersed
in the virtual world.  

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