Yahoo Japan Invests In The Venture Reality Fund


Yahoo Japan has invested an undisclosed amount of money in
The Venture Reality
, which is focused on making investments in virtual
reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

The two firms also aim to accelerate growth in the AR and VR
industries. Yahoo! Japan, which has more 90 million daily users
for its internet media, joins HP as a big company that wants to
make sure it hitches a ride on the AR and VR gravy
trains. The combined worldwide market for AR and VR is
expected to exceed $143 billion by 2020, an annual growth
rate of 198 percent from 2015, according to market researcher

The VR Fund is one of the most active and experienced venture
investors in the sector, and it has raised an estimated
$50 million for its fund for early-stage startups.

Above: VR Fund’s Q4 landscape of the VR industry.

Image Credit: VR Fund

“Yahoo! Japan and its leadership team are known for their
commitment to continuous innovation and enriching services
for their users and community,” said Marco DeMiroz, cofounder
and general partner of The VR Fund, in a statement.
“Immersive technologies in AR and VR have great potential
to revolutionize business, empower consumers, revitalize
the economy, and drive awareness and positive change in
the world. Yahoo! Japan’s investment will help cultivate and

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