Artificial Intelligence: A practical example that can be applied to Construction and Manufacture in the Future in the Lab



Today we follow all safety precautions when working with
robots. In the future, some of those precautions may be

Last week I covered the work of Principal Research Engineer,
Dr. Hui Li, and how she is using
artificial intelligence to improve synthetic data to train

This blog post covers some of the work done by Senior Director
of Machine Intelligence, Mike Haley, and
Artificial Intelligence Lab Architect,
Yotto Koga, is directly related. It is
based on a talk that Mike gave at an internal Tech Summit where
our developers gathered to coordinate their efforts and share
best practices. Many people believe that robots will take their
jobs, but at Autodesk, we want robots to augment our jobs. In
the same way that our ability to know stuff has been augmented
by a smartphone connected to the internet so we can look up
information, we want robots to be able to do things for us;
however, for robots to be able to work alongside humans, robots
have to get smarter. Artificial intelligence can be applied in
a variety of ways to make that happen.

  • We’ve all seen industrial robots that are used in assembly
    lines such as those in automotive plants.


    Though these robots are great at repetitive tasks, they are
    dumb when it comes to their environment. Everything has to
    be exactly in place. Setup of the assembly line is labor
    intensive. For example, in the picture above, if the car
    bodies coming down the assembly line are a quarter of
    an inch off, the robot that attaches the door hinges to the
    frame will attach those hinges one-quarter of an inch from
    where they need to be. In addition, if the design of
    the car frame changes even a little, the assembly
    line has to be reconfigured to accommodate the changes to
    the design. Getting robots to do the jobs of humans is not
    all tea and crumpets.

  • Now image if you wanted to have a robot that could take
    something that looks like this:


    and turn it into something that looks like this:


  • The first thing to do is attach a gripper to the robot arm.


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