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The posts in this series have been very focussed on the uses of
the model that we created at the beginning of this series.
These have all been very focussed to date on how
technology can be used to support a BIM process. However in
this post we look beyond the technology to consider how a BIM
mindset can provide added value to projects.

This blog post is kindly written by guest blogger Simon Dean
who is co-founder of PD BIM
and Director of 3mu.

Making Waste Visible

Do you know people in the construction industry who fail to see
the benefits of a BIM approach? However tempting it is to call
these people out as dinosaurs should we instead consider
whether the BIM process is letting them down? How can we engage
the workforce – including BIM non-believers – in an industry
which is striving to adopt BIM to improve its deliverables? We
need to make the process inclusive, and must ensure we have a
process that supports the production of work. What we need is a
process that supports problem solvers, and I ask you how we go
about doing this?

If your reaction to being gifted a new LEGO set is anything
like mine, you eagerly open the box and proceed with the build,
following the instruction manual until the project is complete.

Image: How do you tackle a LEGO build

My technique is to carefully empty out a bag of components,
shuffle the contents into an orderly fashion (of sorts) – so
all the pieces to complete the next task are close to hand –
and begin the build. My children adopt a different approach;
tearing open the box with gusto to dive head-long into the

We can imagine our play time roles as being the equivalent of
competing Tier 1 contractors, with each of us ensuring the
build process is safe, on time and with an end result that
matches the architectural vision (as depicted by the image on
the box).

Image: The architectural vision of the
construction project to be undertaken

I am confident that if we were to compare my build against
those of my children the results would match in all areas
except one: efficiency. Where due to my sausage-like fingers I
struggle to fix a single tile into an intricate assembly
arrangement, my children can proceed…

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