The Last of Us and Bioshock Voice Actor Troy Baker Joins Lone Echo Cast


Today at the Intel-sponsored
PC Gaming Show
from E3 2017 Ru Weerasuriya, the
Co-Founder and CCO of Ready at Dawn was on-stage to discuss his
company’s upcoming game, Lone Echo. After announcing earlier in
the day that its multiplayer, Echo Arena, would be
released separately and for free
at launch on July 20th, he
was back with more news.

Most surprising of the announcements was that one of the gaming
industry’s most well-known and successful voice actors, Troy
Baker, would be voicing one of the game’s main characters.

Baker has experience headlining major new releases such as
voicing the main characters from games like Bioshock Infinite
and The Last of Us as well as the Joker from Batman: Arkham

As the VR industry continues to mature the quality and power of
its narratives will hinge very heavily on studios’ abilities to
secure well-known and talented voice actors to bring characters
to life. When you’re in VR it’s more noticeable than ever when
a character is lackluster so voice acting is an important piece
of the puzzle to improve everything.

Lone Echo’s single player story puts players in the role of an
android as you interact and work with a human astronaut,
learning more about one another and growing through a dangerous
journey in space together.

You can read about our experience with Lone Echo’s

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