Viacom NEXT and NYC Media Lab Launch Viacom Music + VR Fellowship


Viacom’s emerging entertainment
technology group, Viacom NEXT, and NYC Media Lab have created a
fellowship program to “encourage the development of premier
music-based virtual reality content for audiences.”

, in collaboration with
NYC Media
, recently launched their 2017 Viacom Music + VR
Fellowship, a program that will give six graduate and
undergraduate students the opportunity to create music-based
virtual reality experiences centered on an individual piece of
music of their choice from Viacom’s vast library of over 25,000
tracks—as well as individual instrument recordings from the
Viacom catalog.

Each fellow, who is allowed to work
independently or in teams of two, will be encouraged to create
a unique VR experience that merges the worlds of music,
interactive art, virtual reality and storytelling, in hopes of
coming up with innovative methods for recording artists
to deliver new music to their fans. In turn, fans will be able
to experience music from their favorite artists in ways that
transcend anything they’ve ever encountered.

Participants in the fellowship have eight
weeks between June and August to work on their VR experience.
In addition to the library of music Viacom has made available,
each fellow will have access to an array of media and
technology services, including VR-ready computers, HTC

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