Watch Bethesda’s E3 Livestream Here @9PM PST, Expecting ‘Fallout 4’ VR and ‘Doom VR’ – Road to VR


E3 is here, and Bethesda, the makers of the
Fallout and Elder Scrolls series,
may be announcing updates to their first ever public VR
offerings at tonight’s E3 keynote. Watch the livestream right

Since VR versions of both Fallout 4 (2015) and
Doom (2016) were revealed at last year’s E3, we
haven’t seen or heard much about specifics surrounding
the ‘Bethesda VR’ initiatives. Bethesda has however said
that Fallout 4 VR for the HTC Vive will be
the entire game and not just a demo or vertical slice, and put
the speculative release date “within 12
from last year’s E3. That mean’s this month, folks.

No such info was given for Doom VR, although the
developers have been collaborating to make
the games possible in VR

I had my hands on both Fallout 4 and Doom
VR adaptations at last year’s E3, and while a
little rough around the edges at the time
(Doom was little more than a tech demo with no actual
), the ability to see the familiar worlds in
VR seemed to breathe life into the games not only by making a
Wasteland Raider or a Cacodemon that much more
intimidating, but by showing you the true scale of the worlds
set before you.

The livestream starts at 9PM PST (click here for
local time). What do you think Bethesda will show at this
year’s E3? Comment below!

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