Elijah Wood Launching Creepy VR Game ‘Transference’ – VRScout


Ubisoft and Elijah Wood are making a VR game about
hacking your brain.

Leave it up to Elijah Wood and the folks over at Ubisoft to
combine entertainment and gaming into an immersive
psychological thriller experience that leaves you more
unsettled than when you started.

At least that’s the creepy vision Ubisoft is teasing with their
new virtual reality title, Transference. Created in
partnership with Elijah Wood’s SpectreVision, the short trailer
launched during E3 is pretty vague.

We want you to take off the gear and still feel unsettled.
 – Lisa Whalen, SpectreVision CEO

What we can take away from the trailer’s description is that
you will get to “lose yourself in the destructive tale of a
man’s obsession as you explore his digitally recreated
memories.” There will be secrets to discover and family history
evidence to collect—all while you decide how to repair their

Transference is a multi-branching narrative story
where your actions determine what you will experience in VR, or
in this case, the fate of your family. You will be able to
experience unique perspectives of each family member, all in an
attempt to piece together some sort of mystery.

All quite vague. And if you want to confuse yourself even more,
watch their launch trailer below.

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