Microsoft Drops The Ball, Sony And Bethesda Scoop It Up


I’m starting to wonder if VR will ever play a truly significant
role at E3. We’ve seen a routinely strong showing for the tech
at the games industry’s biggest event over the past few years,
but it hasn’t yet truly dominated the conversation. We haven’t
had the E3 where Sony doesn’t shut up about VR like it once did
3D, for example, nor the E3 where it seems like everyone and
their mothers are making VR games like they once were mobile or
motion controlled experiences.

I thought this year’s E3 would be the one for sure, but it
looks like we’ll have to keep waiting.

Looking at the wider industry, E3 2017 hasn’t been the most
memorable show. Press conferences have been light on jaw
dropping announcements and games are running a little thin on
originality and inspiration. In a creatively stagnant time for
the games industry, VR provides the perfect opportunity to
experience something completely fresh and exciting. Sadly,
companies failed to really communicate that this week.

It was Microsoft that dropped the ball the hardest. Though its
Sunday reveal of the Xbox One X had a pleasing number of games
all souped up to 4K, the company chose to ignore one of the
major talking points of its new console: VR support. This time
last year Microsoft was telling us that the console, then
codenamed Project Scorpio, would be capable of…

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