‘Moss’ is an Adorable Adventure Coming to PSVR – Road to VR


Now that E3 is in full swing, we had a chance to get our
hands on the newly announced third-person action-adventure
game Moss, a title for
PSVR from Polyarc
 that follows the adorable but fierce little
sword-wielding mouse Quill.

Seated in a great library with vaulted ceilings, a closed book
is placed before me on ancient-looking writing bench, the sort
you’d see propping up Harry Potter’s spellbooks. Inscribed with
the word ‘Moss’, I physically reached for the book’s cover with
my dualshock 4 controller, using it to manipulate the cover of
the antique book. I thumb through the pages, which are covered
in pictures introducing the universe called ‘Moss’ and enter
the game.

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I’m suddenly bathed in white light and transported into a
dense forest dotted with mushrooms, ferns, and the
occasional lazy insect. There’s a rustle in the bush.
It’s Quill, the 3-inch tall mouse, carefully checking to
see if the coast is clear.

image courtesy

Now I’m not the type of person who gushes when confronted with
a cartoon mouse (no matter how cute), but the connection I made
with the little creature, who was strapped with a
tiny sword reminiscent of Bilbo/Frodo’s little
dagger-sized elven sword Sting, was nearly immediate. She walks
up to me apprehensively, and motions for me to look down
at the puddle of…

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