Skyrim Confirmed For PlayStation VR – UploadVR


Both you and Jai151 above don’t quite get it.

People likely to buy a PSVR already have a PS4, just like
people likely to buy an Oculus/Vive already have a computer.
Actually, the PS4 owner has an advantage as his machine is
guaranteed to be both compatible and within specs of nay PS4 VR
games, unlike a PC Owner who may have (or not) to upgrade his
computer to make able to properly display.

So, the choices are really PSVR ($500US bundle) or VIVE ($800US
bundle /Oculus ($600 USbundles). Sony product is the more
affordable one – provided you have the base system as it
applies for your preference.

For the same reasons that a PS4 owner would not go out and buy
a PC for a PC HMD a PC user will not go out and buy a PS4 for a
PSVR so the fallacy of adding a PS4 price to the PSVR is simply
not looking at a proper comparison.

The possible TAM for Sony are 60 millions right now and 6 (now)
to 12 (upgrade) millions on the PC. Having said that, I suspect
that SONY has heavily greased the palms of Bethsoft in order to
get them to actually reopen development of the game to bolt the
VR bits in. SONY is looking for a killer full game) to really
push the PSVR and Skyrim is a natural for it. Note I say
reopening development as the game will now have to work at a
minimum of 60fps (upscaled to 120) to conform with the PSVR
requirements and we all know how efficient…

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