‘Skyrim VR’ Announced, Intel Does VR eSports, ‘Lone Echo’ Dated & More – Road to VR


Following the revelations from the Microsoft and Bethesda
, this is a second roundup of news from E3
2017, currently taking place in Los Angeles. E3 technically
starts today, but here’s what happened yesterday, with
announcements from Intel, Ubisoft and Sony.

Intel, Oculus & ESL Look to Accelerate VR eSports:

Insomniac’s The
Unspoken | Image courtesy Insomniac Games

During the PC Gaming Show powered by Intel,
the company announced a VR esports ‘Challenger League’ in
partnership with ESL and Oculus
. Gamers will compete for a
prize pool of over $200,000 using Insomniac Games’ magical
dueller The Unspoken and Ready At Dawn’s zero-G,
disc-throwing game Echo Arena, the multiplayer spin-off
from Lone Echo.

Lone Echo launches July 20th, Multiplayer Spin-Off
Echo Arena Free:

Lone Echo | Image
courtesy Ready at Dawn

Ready At Dawn’s Rift-exclusive action game Lone Echo has
been given a July 20th release date, priced at $40
. It is
now available for preorder with a 10% discount. The multiplayer
mode, which looks and plays rather differently to the single
player campaign, is now a separate release (also launching July
20th) named Echo Arena,
shown in this trailer
, and will be free for a limited time
for all Rift owners. An early access beta weekend starts June

Linkin Park VR Experience Launched:

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